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What is Hypertension

Hypertension ppt can be used to explain this concomitant disease .it is a term used to denote High blood pressure.
Blood pressure is the force exerted on the walls of the arteries as the heart pumps blood through the body.
Normal Testing of Blood Pressure 
Normal blood pressure is 120/80 mm of hg.

Symptoms of Hypertension
Common symptoms of hypertension are Confusion, Fatigue, Headache, nosebleed, irregular pulse.

Human Fetus Development PowerPoint Template - Human fetus PowerPoint template


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Inspire people to learn the CPR technique to serve as a helping hand in any emergency

Cardiovascular diseases and stroke have become very common in today’s time. Approx 92 percent of the victims of sudden cardiac arrest die before reaching hospital due to lack of blood supply and instant aid. A heart attack causes a permanent damage to the muscle and the death to the tissue, thus more and more people should know CPR and make effort to save people’s life. Statistically it has also been proved that an immediate CPR service can double or even triple a victim’s chance of survival and help brain function until the aid is provided.   

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation, known as CPR is an emergency procedure that is manually done to preserve brain function until further measures to restore spontaneous blood circulation and breathing is done for the victim. There are several advantages of learning the CPR such as:
  1.  Improve the Chain of Survival in Every Community 
  2.   Restore partial flow of oxygenated blood to the brain and heart  
  3.  Increase Quality, Timeliness of Materials  
  4.  Improve Efficiency 
You can educate a large number of people and help them learn about the technique by using excellent  
CPR PowerPoint Templates There are a number of templates that you can have from various websites, but to acquire the best and the most compatible templates you need to make a deep search. The stunning templates will increase the your efficiency and will allow you to explain the whole procedure step by step making all your points very clear. You can a very well explain your audience that how a high-quality chest compression can help them to save the life of thousands of people and restore partial flow of oxygenated blood. 

Using the interactive PPT templates you can inspire the audience and engage them with your subject. You can also use a collection of pictures, images and diagrams to explain that who CPR can delay tissue death and to extend the time of permanent brain damage. You can easily utilize the pre-inserted charts and graphs to show the death rate of people due to stroke and how it can be reduced using the compression method. 

You can also make your presentation more effective by adding the audio and videos and can engage your audience to learn the method to help family, friend or any other. Although these templates are pre-designed, they are fully editatble to help you easily insert or delete any slide, or modify the presentation according to the personal requirements.

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Pregnancy is the most beautiful and wonderful stage of all times for a women. It is the time when a woman nourishes the fetus in her womb for a period of nine months to bring him to this earth. The experiences of each moment of the months are incomparable and cannot be counted on any scale. But there is a lot of care that one needs to take in during this period in order to give birth to a healthy child. It is normal to face a few complications in this stage but major complications can lead to improper growth of fetus or its death.

Most miscarriages occur during the first few months of pregnancy, where 75 percent of miscarriages occur during the woman's first trimester. It is an extremely traumatic and devastating experience that has become relatively common in today’s time. Therefore, it is very necessary to educate women about the proper nutrition and care that should be taken in the period of pregnancy to avoid any situation. The best way to educate the audience is to create extremely high standard presentations that can help you explore the real situation and can bring a life to your words. However, creating excellent presentations on PowerPoint is not so easy, it is very necessary for you to be skilled in order to prepare the most alluring presentations instantly.

Along with the signs and symptoms of miscarriage you can also explore a lot of information about abortion and the rate that is increasing day by day leading to low growth rate. You can use stunning Abortion PowerPoint Templates and can share the information about pregnancy helping people to learn the importance of pregnancy with a very engaging model. Using the best PPT templates you can also deliver the World Health Organization (WHO) that makes count of the declining child birth taking worldwide. There are various websites that offer a complete facility for a variety of templates online but downloading the most sophisticated can help you explain about the miscarriage and abortion clearly.

You can also make a comparison of the two and can show the situation by inserting audio, videos as well as
animations in your presentation. Although these pre-designed templates carry all the images charts and diagrams in it but to make your subject more attractive and engaging you can add more images at an appropriate place. Moreover, you can take the full advantage of the enough space and explain each concept beautifully. 

Get To Know About The Latest Approach Against AIDS With Effective Templates

AIDS is the most dangerous and unpredicted disease that is widespread due to the infection caused by the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). With no clear symptoms, the disease directly affects the immune system of the body where the CD4+ T cell count goes below 200 cells per µL. Although there is no cure or vaccine for the control of the disease but antiretroviral treatment have shown the positive effect and helped to slow the course of the disease leading to a near-normal life expectancy.

Several studies and recent researches have increased the progression of AID testing and treatment and have helped people to save more than 850,000 infants since 2005 in low- and middle-income countries. As education and proper exposure to the medicines are very important it is necessary to take the help of the special model that can help you explain your audience about your latest research. Using the excellent PowerPoint presentations you can explain that now there are more opportunity than ever to treat women with HIV effectively. You can also help your audience learn that a new long-life antiretroviral treatment known as option B+ can help prevent the transmission of the virus to the infants.

With excellent templates having AIDS PowerPoint Background you can also explain the various stages:
Stage I- A generalized lymph node enlargement.
Stage II-  A recurrent upper respiratory tract infections along with minor mucocutaneous manifestations.
Stage III- A severe bacterial infections which generally include tuberculosis of the lung, and reduced count of CD4.

AIDS PowerPoint Background

The high definition images and background will also help explain the stages depending on the CD4 count and clinical symptoms while adhering to the topic. There are a several reasons which cause HIV transmission like unprotected sexual intercourse, contaminated blood transfusions, hypodermic needles, and from mother to child during pregnancy, delivery, or breastfeeding and many others. The most creative HIV Symptoms PowerPoint Background will increase your efficiency and will help you to carefully explain about the virus transmission instantly.

By incorporating graphs charts and many other related matters you can explain the investments also high-impact interventions in 2010 that stood at $3.8 billion. There is an incredible collection of medical PPT templates that can increase the vision of your extend and help you download the best without any hassle. You can get many more themes based PPT templates related to your topic, with finest design and pre-inserted operable features instantly.

Increase The Knowledge Of Pneumonia And Their Drug With Best PPT Templates

Pneumonia is a severe sickness of lung infection that is caused by several different kinds of bacteria. A person suffering with it may cough, run a fever, and even have a hard time breathing.  One of the most common Community acquired pneumonia is leading in many of the developed nations and affecting morbidity and mortality of the people. Thus, it is very important to make people aware of this severe disease and let them know about the precautions and cure for the same.

One of the major drug Vibativ (telavancin) approved by the FDA is used for treating HABP/VABP (hospital-acquired ventilator-associated bacterial pneumonia), a type of pneumonia caused by the bacterium Staphylococcus aureus. The drug is particularly used for patients suffering from the complications of Staphylococcus aureus. To explore more about the drug and the other bacterial pneumonia you can use an accurate viewer-centric model that can help you increase the knowledge of doctors and other researchers.

Pneumonia PowerPoint Template

The most widely used methods is the preparation of PowerPoint presentations, where you can easily insert your observation, data and graphical reading and explain your ideas and thoughts with several images. But preparing such a presentation could take lots of time and energy, which is usually hard for any researcher of doctor to invest. Thus, using Pneumonia PPT Template for your next presentation can help you acquire a prior layout for your related topic, and make presentation within a very limited period of time. As you only need to insert text and your related data to make your topic more clear. With most interactive presentation you can also explain how Vibativ is used only for the treatment of complicated skin and skin structure infections caused by Staphylococcus aureus and why not for any other pneumonia-causing bacteria.

You can also explore that the drug is a semi-synthetic derivative of vancomycin that can be used for other Gram-positive infections also. These are best audio visual mean in which you can also insert the videos or animations to make your presentation more effective and outstanding. Further hey

The best Pneumonia Signs PowerPoint Template will help you use the operable features in a distinctive manner and to spread the knowledge amongst the audience in a broader aspect. This the easiest way in which you can explore your thoughts, knowledge, ideas and information to the audience and help them know your point of view imple slide presentation. They are easily found in many online store and can be download without any cost, so one can freely make an approach. 

Skin Ageing With Powerpoint Templates

To get a complete solution of skin ageing one need to find a physician who understands skin ageing completely or you can get it from our Anatomy PowerPoint Templates.  Generally we have two kinds of Skin Ageing Intrinsic and Extrinsic ageing. Intrinsic ageing occurs due to hormonal changes, loss of Tissue, genetic and decreased Fat Cells. Extrinsic ageing occurs due to external factors like sun damage, smoking, poor lifestyle habits and free radical damage. External ageing makes persons to look older than their age 

Some of the Skin Ageing are -
These occur due to smoking and sun exposure.
Dynamic wrinkles
These occur due to facial movements.
Static wrinkles
Reasons for this type of wrinkles skin elasticity.
Sagging of the underlying facial results in Skin Folds
Loss of moisture also makes the skin looks older.

Body weight increase as we grew older, however the face looks thinner due to loss of collagen and elastin in the fat producing cells.

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