What is Diabetes Mellitus

Diabetes mellitus is commonly known as diabetes. It is the group of disease associated with raised level of blood sugar. It is caused by insufficient production of insulin or when cells stop responding to produce insulin.

The most common symptoms in diabetes mellitus is frequent passing of urine(polyuria).increased intake of water(polydipria)and increased feeling of hunger polyphagia.

Types of diabetes.

Type-1 in this type the body’s fail to produce insulin also called the IDDMS(insulin dependent diabetes mellitus.

Type 2 diabetes in this condition the cells fail to utilize the insulin properly.

•    Gestational diabetes mellitus.This condition is common in pregnant women and is of temporary nature.
•    Congenital diabetes mellitus –This condition is right from birth, It is due to genetic defect of insulin secretion.
        All types of diabetes can be controlled with medication .Except for type 1&2 which are chronic conditions and         cannot be cured.
        Complications of DM

•    Cardiovascular diseases.
•    Hypoglycemia,diabetic ketocidosis
•    Chronic renal failure
•    Retina damage
        A diabetic patient must take adequate treatment monitoring of blood pressure, quit smoking and maintain a healthy body weight.
Physiology of disease

 Insulin is the principle hormone which regulates the glucose level in blood. due to the deficiency of insulin or the insensitive nature of its reception play important role in all types of diabetes mellitus.

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