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Cardiac CT-Calcium scoring 2008:-

ACC Heart Failure Guidelines Slide Deck:-

Based on the ACC/AHA 2005 Guideline Update
for the Diagnosis and Management of
Chronic Heart Failure in the Adult

Heart Failure is Primarily a Condition of the Elderly:-

The incidence of HF approaches 10 per 1000 population after age 65
HF is the most common Medicare diagnosis-related group
More dollars are spent for the diagnosis and treatment of HF than any other diagnosis by Medicare

Guideline Scope:-

Document focuses on :
Prevention of HF
Diagnosis and management of chronic HF in the adult

Definition of Heart Failure:-

HF is a complex clinical syndrome that can
result from any structural or functional
cardiac disorder that impairs the ability of
the ventricle to fill with or eject blood.

Stages of Heart Failure:-

At Risk for Heart Failure:
STAGE A High risk for developing HF
STAGE B Asymptomatic LV dysfunction
Heart Failure:
STAGE C Past or current symptoms of HF
STAGE D End-stage HF