Diabetes: An Insight

Diabetes: Too 'sweet' to handle!
For the past few years, there has been tremendous developments in the field of diabetic research. No doubt, the syndrome became immeasurably bothersome in the last decade and it became the need of the hour to delve deep into this issue in order to eradicate it completely.
Diabetes mellitus or simply diabetes is a syndrome which results from disordered metabolism. Due to the improper functioning of metabolism, the blood sugar level shoots up to an abnormally high degree resulting in a condition called hyperglycemia. Basically, when the body reduces the insulin production, it gets prone to diabetes as insulin is the hormone that keeps the blood sugar level to a manageable degree. Insulin is synthesised in the beta cells of pancreas. Precisely, diabetes millitus is a group of ailments that result in high glucose levels on account of defective insulin secretion or insulin action in the body.

Recent researches testify that the impact of diabetes could be unimaginably severe. Majority of diabetics belong to age group of 45 and 65 years.This definetely is the most productive age of human life. Diabetes turns out to be acute majorly because it is hard to spot its presence in the early stages. The symptoms of the disease is not that prominent.
Recently, at the launch of the Apollo clinic for diabetics, Dr Menaka Ramprasad said that impaired fasting glucose or the condition in which fasting blood glucose rises, is a  pre-diabetic state. This indication can be handy in addressing the disease at a much earlier stage.
Strange and shocking! Los Angeles is ranked 46th in diabetes deaths. The period between 2005 and 2007 saw a tremendous rise in diabetes cases. It has also been noticed that the county has a large number of obesity incidents which is again a prime reason of diabetes.