What is Dengue Fever and symptoms of Dengue

Dengue Fever

These days dengue fever is spreading at its peak lots of people are suffering out of it. Dengue mosquito usually bites at dawn or dusk but it can bite at any time in day especially in the cloudy and shady areas. According to the world health organization there are more than 40 million people infected by dengue every year. Dengue PowerPoint presentations can provide detailed matter on dengue.

What is dengue fever?
Dengue also known as dengue hemorrhagic fever (DHF) is an illness which is transmitted by a bite of Aedes mosquitoes. It is an acute illness which occurs with a sudden onset of fever, headache, joint pain, vomiting, rashes and swollen glands etc. dengue fever is also known by the name "breakbone" or "dandy fever." Click here to see dengue fever ppt presentation.

Cause of dengue fever:-
The breeding of these mosquitoes is caused in water that too in clean and accumulated water. These mosquitoes multiply very rapidly.

Diffusion of Dengue fever:
Dengue is transmitted in a human body by a bite of an infected mosquito. It cannot be transferred from infected person to another person. It has to be a mosquito to person pathway.

Symptoms of dengue fever:-

*      Fever and headache
*      Pain and redness in eyes
*      Dizziness and fatique.
*      Loss of appetite
*      Decrease in number of platelets
*      Nausea and vomiting
*      Joint pains and rashes
In some cases the symptoms also vary from individual to individual also. These are the common or basic symptoms and signs in the human body infected by dengue. See the dengue symptoms ppt presentation for more symptoms on dengue.

Diagnosis of dengue fever:-
Dengue can be diagnosed accordingly. Some blood testing and other testing is required to diagnose the disease. See the diagnosis of Dengue ppt for more information.
Treatment of dengue fever.
As dengue fever is transmitted by a virus or infected mosquito there is no specific medicine or antibiotics for this fever. So the treatment of dengue is symptomatic or depending upon the symptoms. Proper rest and intake of fluids is very important in this disease.  Aspirin and other non - steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs are given under the medical supervision of the doctor.

Prevention of dengue:-
*      Wear full sleeves or cover your body properly
*       Use mosquito repellants
*      Keep an eye on the accumulated water in flower pots, coolers, old tires etc.
Government is also taking initiative to eradicate dengue and breeding of mosquitoes. But an individual can benefit a lot by their own contribution.

When to consult a doctor?
 One should consult the doctor immediately when any of the above symptoms occur as dengue when not treated properly can even take your life. So be careful when you fall ill.