Recent Conference on cardiology

Meaning of Cardiology

Cardiology is a medical department which deals with heart disorders. This field of medical science
involves diagnosis and treatment of congenital heart defects, coronary artery disease, heart failure,
valvular heart disease and electrophysiology. Physicians who are specialists in this field of medicine
are called cardiologists. Cardiologist and cardiac surgeon or cardiothoracic or cardiovascular are two
different terms, the latter one is used for the surgeons who perform surgeries related to heart via
sternotomy - open operative procedures on the heart and great vessels. To know more on cardiology
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Recent Conference on cardiology

There are many conferences and seminars conducted on cardiology diseases, cardiology care, cardiology
treatment and diagnosis etc. Third International Conference on Advanced Cardiac Sciences was
conducted on 22nd October. 2010 to inform all the cardiologists that the greatest importance of stress
as a common factor in a large number of risk factors for coronary atherosclerosis and the need to take
the necessary steps in the diagnosis and treatment mechanism and giving importance for the necessity
of research in this area.

In this conference various things regarding cardiology were discussed which are as follows:-

  • The big role for Homocysteine in the process of hardening of the arteries at all ages and theneed to take the necessary steps to check its level in the human body and to focus on completenutrition as well as immunization programs.
  • Instead of taking drugs (except in case of extreme emergency) The need to return to theactivation of the physically pre-existing balance in the human body, the conference emphasis onsimple exercises that enable the human heart to regain.
  • To emphasis on Research and encouraging doctors to urgently investigate heart energy and its
  • interactions with cosmic energy.

The conference calls on congenital heart defects and to use the information collected and analyzed with
great accuracy in the Kingdom and in the world to reveal the secrets of genes as a prelude to a new
stage of gene therapy and other various things were discussed.

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