Tarot Suit of Wands

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Ace of Wands

-New Beginnings
 -Creative Energy
 -New Projects
 -New Career / Study
-The Ace of Wands represents the powerful force of creative energy needed to launch new ideas, projects and ventures. 
-A symbol of newness, the drive needed to turn dreams into reality.
-Exciting possibilities emerge; there are feelings of optimism, confidence and ambition.

Two of Wands

==Vision and Expansion
 -Decisions and Plans
-The Two of Wands represents a time in life when initial stages of a project have taken shape but there is a desire for expansion and growth. 
-Often this desire is accompanied by a feeling of restlessness and a need to broaden ones horizons.
-The Two of Wands can also indicate partnerships. One could consult with a professional or expert regarding future plans.