Update on Troponin

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TROPONIN: definition

Troponin is a hard rock band out of Harrisburg, PA. The songs and lyrics go hand in hand with sweet melodic hooks paired with thought provoking words to fast, aggressive riffs accompanied by ominous phrases. The band began in May 2009, when bass player, Junior Gipe, suffered a heart attack during the first practice, which inspired the band name. Both the group and those who come in contact with them should take note and live every day to the fullest (Facebook).

Cardiac Markers: brief Chronology

-Karmen (1954) increased levels of SGOT in serum of patients with AMI
-1960’s- LDH (now LD) showed to have greater cardiac specificity compared to SGOT
-Rosalki (1967) CK activity
-Sobel and Roberts (1972-6)- CK-MB activity
-Ladenson (1986)- MB-CK mass assay (“Conan antibody”)
-Cummings (1987)- cTnI assay-abandoned
-Katus (1987)- asaay for cTnT
-Ladenson (1992)-assay for cTnI